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Microsoft has released a power toy ,called Device Security Manager, for windows mobile 5.

Device Security Manager helps developers test various security policies for Windows Mobile devices. It is designed as a desktop application.It's a pretty nifty tool for the developers who get bitten once too often by the security policy on windows mobile..:-) This tool can be used either on an emulator or an unlocked Windows Mobile device.It can be downloaded from here.


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According to this news article on Register,an aliance of handset vendors have joined to create a common API for the Linux phones.These vendors are NTT DoCoMmo,NEC , Panasonic,Samsung and Motorola.This would bring about the much needed standardization in the embedded linux space.This news combined with another news about Nokia's new found love for Open source and Linux (770 tablet runs on Linux),makes me wonder if the embedded/mobile space is going to see 3 way battle now Windows Mobile,Linux and Symbian.

Next few years should be pretty interesting…:-)

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Update version of Windows Mobile 5 emulator , stand alone, has been released.This supports Messaging and Security feature pack,GAPI among other things.You can download it from here.

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With introduction of new WM5 devices of varied reolutions,it is all the more important to design your application which are resolution aware,if you want a good user experiance and bigger market..:-).Take the case of Windows Mobile 5 smartphone,there are different devices available which having different resolutions eg.176×220,240×320 and 320×240.

Check out this msdn site for how to's on building resolution aware applications

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Stealth Ring tone

This might be a classic case , where a disadvantage has been turned into advantage.A welsh security company had developed a high pitched sound,which could be heard by kids but not by adults,it was named Mosquito and was supposed to have acted as teen age repelent.But this was then,now some one has developed a ring tone based on this.This ring tone can be heard by teenagers but not adults..:-).Which means your cell can ring in the class and teacher would never know..:-)This is what I call innovative use of a technology..:-))

Read more on this in this newyork times article:

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Opera has released Opera 8.6 for windows mobile devices.Guess what! it has tabbed browsing.:-)
Following are the feature list
Small Screen rendering
Tabbed browsing
Navigation and history
Landscape/Portrait Mode
Full screen/ Fit to screen
Pop-up handler
Pad-lock icon on secure sites
User preferences
Context menu
Web address auto complete
Change encoding
Single column display

You can download it from the following URL:

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