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Code Named Tanjay

Microsoft recently announced ,in the Tech Ed. Sydney, that they are working on a new range of phones, this includes a soft-phone ,code named Tanjay.Tanjay would work with Office Communication Server 2007.These range of Phones would have Windows Ce as there core operating system.

There is not much details available at this moment,but it includes a range of devices including a soft-phone ,having Office Communicator, a USB handset and bluetooth headset.

This announcement is a part of Microsoft’s unified communication platform , which is meant to seamlessly connect various communication modes e.g email , IM etc.


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Taking the idea of Software as a Service one step further,Google is unrolling it’s Business Software strategy.Some components are already in place e.g. gmail, google talk etc.No doubt soon Writely and google speadsheet would find a place there.Ofcourse Google is not alone in this space Microsoft is there with Windows Live and ,no doubt , soon Oracle , IBM would be joining them.

The idea of Software as a service seems pretty interesting at first look. (more…)

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Ever wanted to know,How fast is the Graphics on your Windows Mobile device?.Virtual Spaghetti has released a tool VSBenchMark 2006 to measure the graphics performance of your device,and guess what..it’s free..:-)

Website also maintains a list where the benchmark result can be updated.pretty useful,if you want to see how different devices fair against each other..

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Finally Microsoft is going to launch Microsoft Certified professional exam for Windows Mobile 5 development..:-)Beta of this exam will be launched in August.

Check the following link for more details:

TS: Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 – Application Development

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Redfive labs has announced that they will soon be releasing  beta of .Net Compact framework on Symbian Series 60 devices.Though it still needs to be seen how is it performance / feature wise.But it indeed is big step to make Symbian developer friendly.

Series 60 are hugely popular devices,according to some estimates it has more then 50% of market share.But Symbian C++ has quite a bit of learning curve.Similarly .net compact framework is very popular with its ease of programming and application portability.So if RedLabs manages to pull it off then it indeed would be music to the ears of Operators and Manufacturers and of-course developers.

As they say the proof of pudding is in eating it..:-).So we would know the reality once it is out in beta.To get to know more about this and participate in beta,check the RedLabs link.

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Someone forwarded me this link, which gives top ten worst presentation moments.It’s really hilarious…:-)I have had my moments ,when Mr. Murphy caught up with me, but they weren’t even close to these.

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Came across this windows live.com site,which lists 150 free software downloads for windows…Check out .. Ultimate List of Free Windows Software from Microsoft

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