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Microsoft has announced the release of VisualStudio 2005 Service Pack 1. It can be downloaded from here.

Following are some of the features of this update:

  • New processor support (e.g., Core Duo) for code generation and profiling
  • Performance and scale improvements in Team Foundation Server
  • Team Foundation Server integration with Excel 2007 and Project 2007
  • Tool support for occasionally connected devices and SQL Server Compact Edition
  • Additional support for project file based Web applications
  • Windows Embedded 6.0 platform and tools support
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    For months web and blogosphere has been abuzz with the rumour that Apple is going to launch a mobile phone with the brand name iPhone. It turns out that this saga had a twist in the tail- iPhone was released alright but it wasn’t Apple but it was by LinkSys!.iPhone is there new line of VoIP enabled phones, and aparently they had the name patented in 2000.

    Now there is another rumour going on that Google would be launching a phone (gPhone?). Google is supposed to have teamed up with Orange and HTC is supposed to be the manufacturer of this phone. HTC is one of the biggest manufacturer of Windows Mobile based phones. Hence the logical offshoot of this rumour is that gPhone would be windows mobile based. Wonder what would be the twist in the tail for the gPhone saga..:-)

    Hmm..interesting times..:-)

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    Google – Patent Search

    Google added another feather in its already rich search portofolio.Now you can search the patents in the US patent database using google (http://www.google.com/ptshp?tab=wt). Seems to be a music to all the wannabe inventors..:-). Though this data was already in the public domain but I guess Google has made it more accessible to the public.

    This patent stuff reminds of a recent spat between two google (Matt Cutts) and yahoo (Jeremy)stalwarts about who is copying from whom. One of the point raised by Matt Cutts , in response to Jeremie’s post, was that visual representation of Adds by yahoo and googles are remarkably same. And guess what ,Google has been recently granted patent on the visual representation of its search resluts. It would be interesting to see how this debate would look once it’s taken over by lawyers.

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