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Much water has flown under the bridge since I last wrote about iPhone saga(here). Apple indeed has come out with a smartphone named “iPhone”.It boasts¬†Mac OS X and ,¬†some innovative features like touch pad and loads of iCandy.At first look it really does look an impressive product,but it really needs to be seen how it is received in market.It needs to be seen how the touchpad fares in the rough and tumble of an users pocket.

It’s start hasn’t been that auspicious,as within days Cisco has sued Apple over the name iPhone.Apple has called it silly,here is the Cisco side of the story.

Second problem that is being commented upon is it’s battery life,not a surprise as touch screen is know to be power hungry.But what really is strange is battery is irreplaceable?

Though it’s not yet clear but iPhone is supposed to be a closed platform,basically means that Apple decides who builds the application and what goes on the device.It would be interesting to see how Apple handles this.Personally I think one of the major reason for the success of the iPod was that it brought along with an ecosystem of 3rd party products.

Hmm…. interesting times to be in mobile space.maybe we can see gPhone afterall…:-)


Cisco and apple have reached a settlement over usage of the iPhone name.One headache less for Apple..:-)


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Recently blogosphere has been abuzz with the news that Microsoft has sent Acer Ferrari laptops to some of the bloggers.These laptops were preinstalled with Vista OS.The idea was to let the bloggers use the Vista and write review on the same.But ,as the saying goes – Road to hell is paved with good intentions, this lead to a controversy that Microsoft is trying to influence the bloggers by giving the expensive gifts.And since they have accepted these gifts they wont be giving independent/unbiased reviews.

Much has been written on this,my 2 pence is that Microsoft has done nothing wrong. (more…)

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