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Came across this interesting msdn article by James Wilson on what Windows Mobile 6 means for developers.


The Windows Mobile® 6 developer platform release focuses on a few core goals: simplify line of business (LOB) application development and deployment, make the task of building a single application that runs successfully across the many different devices in the Windows Mobile family easier, and provide an enhanced user experience. This paper explains the new Windows Mobile 6 features and their purpose from a developer’s perspective. This paper also explains the many new tools provided by the Windows Mobile 6 Software Development Kit (SDK), and provides some guidance on getting started developing Windows Mobile 6 applications.

See the following link to read the full article:

What’s new for developers in Windows Mobile 6.


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Yesterday suddenly my VisualStudio stopped creating new native (C++) smart device project. Every time I was getting the error “project creation failed”.

After some hunting on google came across some information. Apparently this problem happens if you have installed Internet Explorer 7 on your system (which I did). This happens as native new project dialog control is nothing but a web browser and VS dosent have required previleage.

There is workaround of this issue:

Use registry editor to browse to the following registry key:


Add following new key:


Thankfully this issue has been resolved in VisualStudio 2005 SP1. 

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Finally Windows Mobile 6 ,aka Crossbow, is round the corner. It is going to be realsed   most probably in 3 GSM.

This also heralds a new naming for the Windows Mobile family(Pocket pc,Smartphone,Pocket PC phone edition).Henceforth Smartphone would be known as Windows Mobile 6 standard, Pocket PC would be known as Windows Mobile 6 classic and Pocket PC Phone edition devices would be known as Windows Mobile 6 Professional. Am sure this is going to start another round of confusion ..:-)

Windows Mobile 6 also boasts of new and improved features: (more…)

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Recently Steve Jobs called out to Music companies to do away with the DRM (newyorktimes).It’s a welcome voice.

DRM has long been a bone of contention between Music companies and Consumers. For the music companies it’s like walking on a fine line, before they realize they have stepped on consumers toe,who then starts shouting “blue murder”!!. For the consumer it’s very unintutive, the logic goes ,”I have bought this,it’s upto me how I use it and how I play it” and “why shouldn’t I be able to create a backup of my content?”. This is like a catch 22 situation. What is need of the hour is to come up with a new business model, which is fair to both producer and consumer. Furious change in technology has totaly changed the game, it calls for the change in rules, old rules have no meaning in the new game. (more…)

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