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Now this is what I call a kooooooool idea.Imagine your mobile phone doubling as a projector.Suddenly the phone can realy become an entertainment device.Have a movie you want to share, just show it.You are a sales professional and you want to share some presetation with a client,no problem just shoot it at the nearest wall.Microvision recently announced that they have signed an agreement with Motorola to develop laser based Pico projector solution for Mobile devices.

Ofcourse there would be loads of challenges on the way,one would be fitting the projector in to a mobile phone and somehow still manage to keep the size as small as possible. Second is ofcourse the achiles heal of mobile device,power;it wouldnt help if the projector devours the battery power in an hour. But if they manage to do that then I am sure they have Winner on there hand.I hope they succeed..:-).For the result would lead to realy exiting applications.


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