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Nokia would be offering Windows live on there series 60 devices.Check out the following link:


Interesting , isn’t it.Guess the entry of Apple and rumoured entry of google has revitalized the market.Am sure we would be hearing more and more interesting news in the Mobile space…:-)

If you remember then Nokia has also licensed DRM and the push email from Microsoft.Whats next a Nokia Windows Mobile device..:-)


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When trying to display notification ballon you must have observed that they are displayed at the bottom of the screen.Whereas applications like volume control,clock display it at the top of the screen.This is much more intutive and user freindly, especially in the scenario when you are displaying it in response to user clicking at your icon. You can also do the same :

In the SHNOTIFICATIONDATA structure give the following value to the clsid member:

{ 0x99de7411, 0x772f, 0x43d0, { 0x81, 0xf0, 0x66, 0x83, 0x36, 0xca,
0x65, 0x1b } }

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Crating status bar windows is easy enough, you just need to use CreateStatusWindow function and you won’t forget to set WS_VISIBLE and WS_CHILD flag, would you?

When you are trying to set the background color of the status bar it’s easy again, if its simple, you just need to send SB_SETBKCOLOR message to status part. But the fun starts when you have set parts in your status bar. In this case parts would have the default color,so it would look as if border color has been setup.

To solve this issue you would need handle WM_DRAWITEM message in your WndProc. The lParam in this case is a pointer to LPDRAWITEMSTRUCT.

Eg.: code inside WM_DRAWITEM


HBRUSH hBrush;



FillRect(lpDrawStruct->hDC, &lpDrawStruct->rcItem, hBrush);

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Recently I was trying to extend the menu of the Phone context in windows mobile 6 device.We hit a strange problem.As long as we were inserting Menu it was fine,but when we tried to insert Sub menu, all the main menu items were automatically inserted in the Submenu. E.g. If main Menu has a menu item “Create Note” the same menu item would reappear in the submenu. And what was really weird was that when you click on that it would launch the Note application. After lot of head scratching we couldn’t solve it. We later came to know that it is a bug and has been solved in Windows Mobile 6 AKU 0.3.

So guys if you hit this issue, please don’t scratch your head 🙂

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