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Ever wondered how contact application searches using all the character mapping of a key?When you press the “2” key it matches all the contacts 

with ‘a’,’b’ and ‘c’. If you want to have the same kind of functionality in your application then the magic lies in the following registry key:

 “KeyboardMappings” = REG_SZ

This has the mappings for all the keys and there corresponding character values.


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Came across this article on Windows Mobile 7. This speaks about the various features of Windows Mobile 7 – like gesture and motion recognition, better visual effects like transition etc.

Though this is not an official announcement and might not be 100% accurate.But if even 70% of it is true, it would be an exiting time ahead, and might give iPhone a serious run for its money :-).Check the following link for the article:


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When trying to display notification ballon you must have observed that they are displayed at the bottom of the screen.Whereas applications like volume control,clock display it at the top of the screen.This is much more intutive and user freindly, especially in the scenario when you are displaying it in response to user clicking at your icon. You can also do the same :

In the SHNOTIFICATIONDATA structure give the following value to the clsid member:

{ 0x99de7411, 0x772f, 0x43d0, { 0x81, 0xf0, 0x66, 0x83, 0x36, 0xca,
0x65, 0x1b } }

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Recently I was trying to extend the menu of the Phone context in windows mobile 6 device.We hit a strange problem.As long as we were inserting Menu it was fine,but when we tried to insert Sub menu, all the main menu items were automatically inserted in the Submenu. E.g. If main Menu has a menu item “Create Note” the same menu item would reappear in the submenu. And what was really weird was that when you click on that it would launch the Note application. After lot of head scratching we couldn’t solve it. We later came to know that it is a bug and has been solved in Windows Mobile 6 AKU 0.3.

So guys if you hit this issue, please don’t scratch your head 🙂

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Now this is what I call a kooooooool idea.Imagine your mobile phone doubling as a projector.Suddenly the phone can realy become an entertainment device.Have a movie you want to share, just show it.You are a sales professional and you want to share some presetation with a client,no problem just shoot it at the nearest wall.Microvision recently announced that they have signed an agreement with Motorola to develop laser based Pico projector solution for Mobile devices.

Ofcourse there would be loads of challenges on the way,one would be fitting the projector in to a mobile phone and somehow still manage to keep the size as small as possible. Second is ofcourse the achiles heal of mobile device,power;it wouldnt help if the projector devours the battery power in an hour. But if they manage to do that then I am sure they have Winner on there hand.I hope they succeed..:-).For the result would lead to realy exiting applications.

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Came across these interesting links for white-papers on Security on Windows Mobile.

1.Security considerations for Windows Mobile Messaging in the Enterprise: This white-paper covers the security consideration on the device,Security considerations within the corporate network and Security considerations on the network.

2.Security Model for Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6: This white-paper deals with provisioning and managing windows mobile 5/6 device.

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Recently RIM announced availability of Blackberry suit of applications (email, phone, calendar, address book, tasks etc.) on Windows Mobile 6. Of-course for the e-mail you would be using Black Berry Enterprise Server , wont you :-).It means two things:

First RIM expects some heat ,if not already facing, from Windows Mobile 6 and anticipate it to be a serious competitor.

Second RIM dosen’t want to be caught napping when it happens.For RIM also makes good deal of money from Enterprise server licensing. So they wouldn’t want people switching to exchange at the cost of there server.Windows Mobile is a force to reckon with in the enterprise market,which means enterprise customers going for Windows Mobile would also be going for Exchange.

This is an interesting and logical move from RIM,interesting because they are taking windows mobile 6 as a serious competitor,logical because of the reason discussed above.If you remember then last year Microsoft had licensed Exchange Active Sync to Nokia for usage in Symbian.The same logic drives RIM.

I think its good for the market and consumer as they have more and more choices..:-).I am sure that this trend is going to continue in future .

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