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Stealth Ring tone

This might be a classic case , where a disadvantage has been turned into advantage.A welsh security company had developed a high pitched sound,which could be heard by kids but not by adults,it was named Mosquito and was supposed to have acted as teen age repelent.But this was then,now some one has developed a ring tone based on this.This ring tone can be heard by teenagers but not adults..:-).Which means your cell can ring in the class and teacher would never know..:-)This is what I call innovative use of a technology..:-))

Read more on this in this newyork times article:


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According to this article on register,


 ,US state departments has decided not to buy Lenovo PC's as it may lead to security breach.Talk about Global economy and free market!What's next China saying NO to windows,IBM,Dell etc. , as it may lead to potential security breach!

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Takes two to Tango

Java and .Net doing a Tango?.Seems strange but this is what they seem to be doing or atleast plan to do.For long there have been two camps of .Net and Java developers but now sun has started the process of building a bridge named TANGO to connect the two camps.Project Tango the opensource initiative started by sun for the interoperability of J2EE and .Net.
Check the link for more details:

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