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Next Version of Windows Mobile 6 , that is Windows Mobile 6.1 should be hitting the market in first quarter 2008.It would have enhancements over winmo 6.

It would have message threading so that you can view all the message in its context (Ala Palm Treo).

Home screen has been redesigned, a new application called Task manager (like Desktop Taskmanager) would be a part of it

it supports bluetooth DUN

support for vCard Version 3.0,photo sharing through bluetooth

while roaming when user wants to make a call a message would be shown to notify him that he is on roaming

it include communicator mobile

better integration of 3GPP codecs with Windows Media Player


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Came across this interesting link today. Channel 9 guys have created a wiki for the Wince base port development. I am sure this would be welcomed whole heartedly by whole lot of BSP developers,since there are only a couple of books that I know of of Windows Ce BSP development,and they are quite old.

This should be fun to follow,here is the link:

Big Book of BSP

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Connection manager on Windows Mobile which exposes an api ConnMgrQueryDetailedStatus.This api can be used to query all the avaialble connections on the device. Following code snippet shows how:

//Variable Declaration


hResult=ConnMgrQueryDetailedStatus(pConnMgrDet,&dwBufferSize); (more…)

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Microsoft has announced the release of VisualStudio 2005 Service Pack 1. It can be downloaded from here.

Following are some of the features of this update:

  • New processor support (e.g., Core Duo) for code generation and profiling
  • Performance and scale improvements in Team Foundation Server
  • Team Foundation Server integration with Excel 2007 and Project 2007
  • Tool support for occasionally connected devices and SQL Server Compact Edition
  • Additional support for project file based Web applications
  • Windows Embedded 6.0 platform and tools support
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    Soon Windows CE 6.0 ,aka Yamazaki, would be out in market.And with this it has a brand new name ,Windows Embedded CE 6.0. So what does CE 6.0 holds for the developer like us?There are a number of changes that has been incorporated in CE 6.0. (more…)

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    Okay, a quick question.Whats the connection between Whiskey and Windows CE?

    In case you didn’t get the answer, does Mcallan and Yamazaki ring a bell?

    Check this interesting blog by Mike Hall,Why code name Yamazaki,to know the answer..:-)

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    Code Named Tanjay

    Microsoft recently announced ,in the Tech Ed. Sydney, that they are working on a new range of phones, this includes a soft-phone ,code named Tanjay.Tanjay would work with Office Communication Server 2007.These range of Phones would have Windows Ce as there core operating system.

    There is not much details available at this moment,but it includes a range of devices including a soft-phone ,having Office Communicator, a USB handset and bluetooth headset.

    This announcement is a part of Microsoft’s unified communication platform , which is meant to seamlessly connect various communication modes e.g email , IM etc.

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